Modern and Minimalist Bedroom Design

Modern, minimalist and unerringly classy. Struck a chord within you? Then take a look at our line of bedroom designs promising to keep you on your toes.

An olive green tufted bed takes centre stage here. Its superior upholstery sways down to the very base for a super plush feel. A feature wall flaunting wooden panels stays aligned to the bed to form a refined backdrop. Unmistakably, each slat is moulded to a unique finish.

Flanking the wooden slats on either side are veined marble panels running the whole length from the floor to the ceiling. Its greyish tone compliments the bed beautifully while narrow, inlaid brass strips, rectangular in shape add an element of interest. Decorative cement plates stained to a pastel pink and green form the sole art piece on the adjacent wall.
Just across, a floating console table in marble stone, doubling up as a tv stand is fitted for surface storage and visual appeal.
A pink vase with brass detailing is propped against a brick wall in the corner end spicing up the room with an earthy touch.
An abstract leather seating with curved lines and metal crossings at its feet elevates the ambience to a new high.

Simply sprawl a patterned rug, in shades of green, on the wooden floor to spell warmth and flair. Ultimately, a pair of scone lights and circular pendants hang in style to illuminate the bedroom space.

Well, this truly is a decor for you to unwind and refresh your mind, come what may!