Work Area Kitchen

At Rekai Designers, we design spaces in myriad ways. Illustrating the belief is our modern rustic kitchen decor oozing oomph!

Exposed bricks stretch out to the entire wall surface leaving behind a trail of the original architectural feature willfully unaltered for a rustic vibe. Muted olive green cabinetry stands in a sleek and vibrant aura against the rugged wall. An intricately patterned tiled floor infusing a tinge of Moroccan flavour spices up the zone. Playing along is a series of conical pendants, clad in concrete, casting the spotlight on a splendid mono-wood countertop beneath. Pair the counter with our dining bar stools dressed in ivory-toned floral fabric for more glamour. Tall, majestic glass windows across opposite ends pour in natural light for an open, inspiring ambience.